Chicago native Curtis A. Jones is probably better known as Green Velvet, a wickedly funny trickster who mocks clueless ravers (“La La Land”) and fearful parents (“Flash”) and claims to have been kidnapped by aliens while doing the dishes (“Abducted”); his dirty beats have gained him entree into the neoelectro mix that’s now all the rage in clubland. But before Green Velvet was a twinkle in Jones’s eye, he was Cajmere, the DJ, producer, and label owner who helped revive a dormant Chicago house scene in the mid-90s with bubbly anthems like his own “Coffee Pot (It’s Time for the Percolator)” and Dajae’s “Brighter Days.” Two years ago, on Techno-Funk (303/MDI), a DJ-mix CD credited to Cajmere, he forswore his gospel-tinged sound in favor of harsh, minimal tracks that build a fierce, head-rush momentum. He produced only one of the selections, a 2000 remix of Green Velvet’s 1995 classic “Answering Machine”; the disc was dominated by hard-techno stalwarts like James Rushkin (“Detached”), Jay Denham (“Dopamine”), Joey Beltram (“JB Forklift,” as remixed by Luke Slater), and John Thomas (“Undisputed Life” and “Shift”). There’s no telling whether this performance will focus on house or techno, but you’ll dance too hard to care. Saturday, November 2, 10 PM, Zentra, 923 W. Weed; 312-787-0400.