TWRP Credit: Courtesy the Artist

Toronto synth-pop group TWRP (“Tupper Ware Remix Party,” allegedly) have a cutesy but somewhat vague 80s sci-fi backstory: front man Doctor Sung, for instance, is supposed to have traveled through space and time to find his bandmates. Onstage each member of the group wears a costume that blurs futurism with fantasy—bassist Commander Meouch combines a lion mask with a getup that looks like something out of Mega Man. TWRP have aligned themselves with comedy groups, most notably Ninja Sex Party, and they like to write goofy lyrics about “atomic karate” (karate moves as powerful as a neutron bomb, of course), exploit sappy memories of dead pets for laughs, or breathlessly recount the murderous exploits of a phantom race-car driver. In fact their shtick would be pretty cloying if their music weren’t great—their tight blend of disco and funk could fill any boogie fanatic’s heart. TWRP’s self-released 2018 album, Together Through Time, goes on a little too long for its own good, with too many exaggerated punch lines, but when the band cool it with the high jinks they make serious gold. When the chorus of “Synthesize Her” kicks off with the one-two punch of a gaudy synth glissando and a tight bass line, I can picture a dance floor erupting with joy.   v