Carpenter Brut Credit: courtesy the artist

Mysterious French electronic artist Franck Hueso writes and records under the moniker Carpenter Brut, a pretty blatant homage to the visionary who serves as his musical inspiration. Carpenter Brut’s three EPs, released in 2015 as a single package called Trilogy, comprise creepy instrumental John Carpenter worship full of cinematic, sweeping retro-futuristic synths and eerie, dark atmospherics. Unlike fellow 80s-horror-soundtrack disciples Survive, Carpenter Brut brings in a high-energy funk element, at times reminiscent of Daft Punk or Justice—though Hueso’s samples and song titles focus on crime, violence, and the occult. It’s the kind of harrowing synthetic sound perfect for horrifying-but-sexy slasher films and video-game soundtracks, as evidenced by Carpenter Brut’s contributions to the computer-hacking-themed Hacknet and the sci-fi shoot-em-up Furi.   v