Cecily Strong during her set at the White House Correspondents' Dinner in April Credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

‘Twas near midnight on the night after Christmas. Gossip Wolf was stirring a drink at Rainbo Club, when what to these wondering eyes should appear but Cecily Strong! The current Saturday Night Live cast member (and former Second City and iO Chicago performer) was hanging with some pals, and this wolf didn’t have the guts to buy the funny lady a drink—or even interrupt her conversation, for that matter. But it was tough not to walk over and tell her that her set at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last April (in front of the president, political reporters, and celebs) was totally killer—or ask for pointers on jokes and puns. Maybe next year, after a long winter’s nap?

Local pop-rock outfit the Walters have a bad habit of passing unnoticed under peoples’ noses—last year they released their delightful debut, Songs for Dads, as folks lined up to buy crap on Black Friday. Gossip Wolf has kept tabs on the band in case they perpetrated another holiday surprise, and two days before Christmas they uploaded the sugary-­sweet Young Men. The wintry vocal harmonies of opener “Sweet Marie” hooked this wolf immediately. The EP is a name-your-price Bandcamp download at bit.ly/wym_ep.

Legendary freestyler Terry Parker, aka Juice, is best known for beating Eminem en route to winning the MC battle at the Scribble Jam hip-hop fest in 1997, but Parker has also recorded plenty of music in his time. He’s been uploading his back catalog—a mixtape and four albums so far—to Bandcamp, and on Christmas he gave us a present in the form of the brand-new album Bar’d Up! It’s $8 at bit.ly/bar_d.  v

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