Woongi Credit: Natalie Escobedo

In an e-mail interview with Dominican music site Vents Magazine, Chicago art-rock foursome Woongi claim they wrote their forthcoming second album, Rip’s Cuts (Sooper), to “sync up” with a 1993 family film called The Skateboard Kid. Though I’ve never seen it, I’m more than willing to listen to musicians who say they’re inspired by a flick featuring a magical flying skateboard voiced by Dom DeLuise. Woongi approached Rip’s Cuts with borderline cartoonish audaciousness, using ever-shifting prismatic synths to set a different tone on each song—and they get particularly experimental on the grandiose but occasionally anxious prog-adjacent number “Tired Fortress.” Woongi also can make succinct, poignant pop when they feel like it; on the single “Fire’s Dead” they capture a beautiful melancholy with the help of glittering melodies reminiscent of fancy-haircut 80s new wave.   v