Woongi Credit: Amy Sutton Craft

A couple years ago, Chicago art-rock group Woongi dropped an album intended as an unofficial soundtrack for a 1993 kids’ film featuring a magical flying skateboard voiced by Dom DeLuise. You can try to find spots where the synth-focused songs on Rip’s Cuts might fit into the movie, titled The Skateboard Kid, but their cheeky playfulness speaks for itself. Woongi’s new self-released follow-up, Fruits of the Midi, is a touch subtler but still delightfully silly. The dramatic art-rock freak-out “Fish Fry” combines its proggy riffing with a quick shot of goofiness: on the chorus, a breathy falsetto vocal expresses a desire to mix things up this weekend and host a party for consuming fried cod. The taut and elegant music on Fruits of the Midi demonstrates Woongi’s vibrant, ongoing evolution, and the band’s puckishness helps their maximalist aesthetic keep its feet on the ground.   v