Chicago metallic hardcore band Nequient
Nequient Credit: Nicolas Côté

In 2018, Gossip Wolf weighed in on Chicago metallic hardcore neck breakers Nequient, calling their debut full-length, Wolves at the Door, a “major D-beat shit storm.” In the years since, the four-piece band—drummer Chris Avgerin, bassist Keenan Clifford, guitarist Patrick Conahan, and vocalist Jason Kolkey—have earned a sterling rep as an onstage juggernaut, but only just now are they finally emerging with a new recording. On Friday, November 5, Nequient will drop a new EP, Collective Punishment, on Philadelphia-based label Nefarious Industries. Available digitally and on cassette, it includes two live cuts from a DIY show in October 2019 and two songs recorded in early 2020 with Pete Grossman at Bricktop Recording during sessions for Nequient’s upcoming full-length, Darker Than Death or Night, due sometime early next year. Copies are available via Bandcamp or Nequient play the Peace Simulation Midwest Pop-up Showcase on Saturday, December 4, at Reggies Rock Club, where they’ll appear on a stacked bill with Blood Incantation, Primitive Man, Indian, Inter Arma, Yautja, Eye Flys, and many others.

Nequient’s new EP includes two live tracks and two outtakes from sessions from their next full-length album.

Gossip Wolf first heard emerging Bronzeville rapper NombreKari in 2020, when he dropped a smooth verse on Lily of the Valley, a collaboration between rapper J Wade and producer Cloud Boy. Last week, Kari dropped his debut full-length, Children Play With Fire, which features some of this wolf’s favorite new underground artists, including rappers HateSonny, WemmyMo, and Semiratruth. Kari accompanies the soporific twilight soul of “LWYEC” with lyrics about juggling routine stresses with the difficulties of living in a community damaged by generations of neglect and disinvestment, and each blunt, observant line comes from a place of grounded equilibrium.

Children Play With Fire is NombreKari’s first full-length album.

Last week, gloomy local postpunk foursome Blush Scars dropped their debut album, Mirror, Mirror, whose nervy, impatient songs seem to allude to mystic, malevolent creatures that haunt your dreams. You’ll have to wait till next year to include these tracks on a Halloween party playlist, but you can celebrate Mirror, Mirror right now. Blush Scars headline the Hideout on Thursday, November 4, with an opening set by new noise-rock six-piece Edging; tickets are $12, and the show starts at 9:30 PM.

Blush Scars celebrate the release of Mirror, Mirror at the Hideout on Thursday.

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