Belmont & Clark Credit: courtesy the artist

The Minimal Beat began life as a music blog in 2011, and like many music blogs that came before it, it has branched out into other ventures, including a weekly radio show on Loyola’s WLUW. In 2014 it launched a label, TMB Limited, which boasts a small but varied catalog of releases, including slick contemporary yacht rock (Adam Ashbach’s “Street Lights” single), jangly garage-pop (Lucille Furs, who previously released a TMB Limited single as Shah Jahan), juiced-up electro-pop (Kaneholler), and far-out experimental recordings (Willis Earl Beal’s recent work under his own name and the pseudonym Nobody). Minimal electro duo Belmont & Clark further expand TMB Limited’s reach. Their new cassingle, “Headwave” b/w “Reverse Entropy,” takes blocky, brittle Krautrock synths and grafts them onto video-game percussion to create oddly playful neofuturistic melodies. As much as these songs are indebted to pop’s synth past, Belmont & Clark’s effervescent, lo-fi kick place them squarely in our present.   v