The Curls Credit: Courtesy of Diversion Records

Bless the weirdos in the Curls. Beginning about six years back, the local experimental indie-pop outfit figured out their sound at DIY spaces, most notably Young Camelot—but their ambitious, expansive new album, Bounce House (Diversion), makes that incubation period feel like a lifetime ago. The six-piece group meld funk, indie rock, synth-pop, doo-wop, and various fringier styles into a brazen style that’s almost too eclectic for its own good. More often than not, though, it works: I never realized I wanted to hear a band mix glimmering Prince funk with jittery Dirty Projectors indie rock, but “Bad Boi” makes me wish the Curls would do it again. While most of Bounce House is loud and absurd, the best track is low-key and tender: the boogie-flavored synth on “Isn’t It Funny” is an invitation to a mellow time on the nearest dance floor.   v