Izzy True Credit: Ash Dye

Izzy Reidy specializes in the kind of intimate indie rock where you can hear the sound of fingertips squeaking along guitar strings. They launched their band, Izzy True, while living in upstate New York, but these days Reidy lives in Chicago and plays with drummer Sam Goldstein and multi-instrumentalist Curtis Oren. Izzy True’s new third album, Our Beautiful Baby World (Don Giovanni), melds homespun rock and relaxed country swagger; on “Angel Band,” Oren dispenses a spry walking bass line that boosts Reidy’s intensifying vocals toward the song’s fiery, calamitous closing notes. As a front person, Reidy balances stage-ready poise with down-to-earth informality, exuding a quiet grace that amplifies their incandescent whispers. Our Beautiful Baby World conjures an inviting sense of comfort while sending out lightning bolts at just the right moments—and each shock makes it clear that this is a band to see in the flesh.  v