The band Kirby Grip sitting on grass in a park, two members are holding floral bouquets in plastic wrap
Kirby Grip Credit: Ryan Nolen

Chicago rockers Kirby Grip debuted in 2019 with American Cheese, an upbeat EP that animated its clean power-pop hooks with excitable emo propulsion. American Cheese standout “Chopped Party,” though, adopted a space-rock sound paired with stargazing lyrics, hinting at a direction Kirby Grip are now exploring in earnest on the new self-released full-length Portrait of Bliss. Kirby Grip pile on the cosmic effects pedals till their guitars sound capable of transporting you to microgravity, while their heavy riffing reminds you of the constant tug of our planet—their songs balance those forces as though they’re gliding in low earth orbit. From the sound of Portrait of Bliss, particularly the fireside warmth of the graceful “Velvia Cellar” and the massive galactic swirls of “Armstrong,” rubbing elbows with the International Space Station ain’t a bad way to spend your time.

Kirby Grip, Mush, Mister Goblin, Tues 11/30, 8 PM, Sleeping Village, 3734 W. Belmont, $13, $10 in advance, 21+