Victor! Credit: Courtesy the Artist

In March 2017, local pop wunderkind Victor Cervantes, aka Victor!, sold out the first run of his self-released debut CD-only EP, Glitter98. Now 18, he’s doubled down on his music career, transforming it from an extracurricular activity to his main focus—in fact, he left high school early in order to pursue his art (per the Chicago Tribune, he’s been working toward receiving his GED). The labor Cervantes has poured into his creative output has paid off, and his distinctive approach along with the harmonious way he blends genres in his most recent tracks makes it feel like he’s hit upon the shape of music to come. He hits the sweet spot with his falsetto hook on the dreamy, limber funk single “U Got My,” and his genuine nature comes through beneath the woebegone keys, warped vocals, and bone-dry percussion on “Portra 400.” In concert, Cervantes is charming and occasionally impish. When he performed the lackadaisical “Tinder Song” while opening for Ric Wilson at Lincoln Hall in June, he opened Tinder on his phone and proceeded to swipe through the app without looking—but even his search for new romance didn’t distract him from nailing all the notes.   v