Post Animal Credit: Tim Nagle

If there’s anything I dislike more than Stranger Things, it’s the eagerness with which commercial enterprises and media outlets have flocked to the Netflix show in hopes of monetizing its afterglow. I’m willing to make an exception for Post Animal, a Chicago psych-rock outfit that happens to count Stranger Things actor Joe Keery as a member. If his limited presence in the band (he’s a nontouring guitarist and vocalist) has helped them complete their impressive forthcoming debut, When I Think of You in a Castle (on Polyvinyl—clutch), well, I’m all for it. Post Animal play massive, brooding rock melodies that sound like an oncoming storm—they’re topped with airtight pop vocal harmonies and driven by power-pop riffs that feel like the musicians have just emerged from a cryogenic slumber that started in 1978. That the resulting songs, such as the jaunty, radiant single “Ralphie,” stick in your head and feel fresh makes it even better.   v