Dark Fog Credit: Dan Jarvis

Trippy Chicago trio Dark Fog have definitely hit a deep vein of psych productivity. When I e-mailed guitarist and bandleader Ray Donato to ask about their new album, meaning Living the Past . . . Killing the Future, he sent me a link to a completely different new album, Make You Believe. And neither of these releases is October’s Our Secret Society. Way to make every other band on the planet look like slackers, guys. To clarify, because I was confused and you might be too: This show is a release party for the U.S. vinyl edition of Make You Believe, a beautiful deluxe package for a complex and rich aural brew that was released digitally via Bandcamp last June. Living the Past . . . Killing the Future was released digitally on February 7 and has already sold out preorders for a very limited picture-disc edition, but Donato promises a more widely available vinyl version of Our Secret Society soon. Tonight you can expect Dark Fog to play rippling, sonic waves of melodic psych jams from all three records, and possibly some from their next three or four—judging by their current pace, that should take us to next fall.   v