Dark Fog Credit: Allison Taich

On Anatomy of a Sellout (Logan Hardware) Dark Fog run their glowing nuggets of psych through a rock tumbler, retaining the genre’s impenetrable mystique while polishing away much of the indulgent noodling that many contemporary psych bands seem to think is a foundational element. Not that there isn’t any freaked-out wailing—there’s plenty. But Dark Fog know how to play with purpose, and on the record it pays off in something resembling cohesion. Lugubrious passages melt into astral-pop melodies with noticeable beginnings and ends—but I’m almost happy to overlook the sequencing of the tracks so that I can blissfully let the whole package gel together. Dark Fog aren’t the only ones celebrating a new record tonight: stoner-rock act Bionic Cavemen play behind their new Reactor, and the Velcro Lewis Group drop Taking Frogg Mountain.   v