Absolutely Not: Chris Sutter, Santiago Guerrero, Donnie Moore, and (on the floor) Madison Moore Credit: Marisa KM

On Friday, March 1, local creepy-punk outfit Absolutely Not will add more music to the pile they started building in 2013: they’ll drop their third album, Problematic, via local label No Trend. The band’s seventh release overall, Problematic is also their first as a four-piece—the core trio of singer-guitarist Donnie Moore, keyboardist Madison Moore, and drummer Santiago Guerrero have recruited Meat Wave’s Chris Sutter as member number four, adding another layer of atonal guitar. On the brand-new “Bottom of the Pit,” the first single from Problematic, Absolutely Not build on their usual paranoid, dystopian spazz-punk by leaning harder into its darkness, pushing the song with a midtempo throb smeared with shrill, dissonant synth noise.

Today the band are premiering the video for “Bottom of the Pit” with the Reader. Directed by Dave Rentauskas, it’s classic Absolutely Not: morbid, dark, and hilarious. This particular video zeroes in on the band’s disdain for the “normies” of the world.

YouTube video

Absolutely Not welcome Problematic into the universe with a release party at the Empty Bottle on Saturday, March 2. Paper Mice and No Men open the show.  v