Lil Wop Credit: Slaven Vlasic

Chicago-raised, Atlanta-based rapper Lil Wop loves Gucci Mane so much he replicated the trap king’s iconic ice-cream-cone face tattoo on his right cheek. As Lil Wop told the Fader, Gucci Mane “taught me you can’t sound like nobody . . .  To have the sauce, you gotta have all the ingredients. It ain’t all about wordplay.” Gucci clearly thinks his acolyte gets it, because last year he signed the emerging rapper to his Interscope imprint, 1017 Eskimos, and collaborated with him on a tune called “Paid in Full.” Lil Wop put the track on October’s Wopavelli 3, one of a rash of mixtapes he dropped last year; his just-woke-up groan and zonked-out nonchalance blur together into incoherent slush when you’re listening through the vast 2017 portion of his catalog, which spans four Wopavelli mixtapes. When he’s on, as is the case on the Wopavelli 2 single “Lost My Mind,” he shows he’s worthy of his mentor’s affection.   v