8MatikLogan Credit: @HeavyButLite

This summer Chicago rapper 8MatikLogan released “House of Pain,” a blazing, salacious single punctuated with tasteful claps. Its video is closing in on 400,000 YouTube views, and it could become an even bigger breakout success—which would be a long time coming for the MC. He started rapping in 2012 under the name Logan, and he’s built up a catalog of raw, teeth-grinding rhymes. In 2015 he dropped his debut mixtape, 1636, and became firmly entrenched in the local scene, collaborating with artists such as Saba and Taylor Bennett. He’s been quiet the past couple years, but he reemerged this summer as 8MatikLogan, and he’s continued to show great promise since then. He’s now signed to At the Studio, a label run by Chicago producer and mentor William “LPeezy” Jones that’s tied to Hitco (started by L.A. Reid following his controversial departure from Epic Records). Logan has focused his aggressive energy on delivering pop hooks, which is obvious on “House of Pain” and its club-ready follow-up, “Blah Blah,” whose chattering beat is softened with melting vocal samples and a wash of AutoTune. “Blah Blah” is somehow not available on Spotify, even though it seems perfect for the platform’s company-run pop and rap playlists—the song’s got enough mischievous charm to stand out in a field overstuffed with rap wallpaper.   v