Femdot Credit: Chollette

Chicago rapper Femi Adigun, aka Femdot, is fully prepared to indulge the endless desire for new music content. Last year he began rolling out a series of well-honed EPs that whetted appetites and built his profile rather fast—and by December he was opening for the Cool Kids at Thalia Hall. But I balk at calling Femdot’s work “content,” a word I equate with thoughtless filler. On the four songs he dropped as part of February’s (U)no, the final EP included in his 20/20 Hour compilation, Femdot gets as much out of the language and music at his fingertips as a kid squeezing a lemon to ensure his lemonade is the best on the block. Motored by a breezy, jaunty piano sample, “Goodcops” is packed with acerbic vivisections of police brutality and systemic racism, and these quick jabs jive with the song’s upbeat movement. Femdot has a reservoir of thoughts about oppression. On his recent Soundcloud loosie “Duckdown,” which samples and slows Smino’s “Raw,” Femdot raps, “Cops think that I’m arrogant / Their guns think I’m un-American.” The moment is brief—Femdot drops the line and moves on with the same speed—but it bruises.   v