Ill Legit Credit: courtesy the artist

Rapper-producer Ill Legit belongs to a class of locals who are more seasoned than most rappers grabbing headlines and who are underground by choice. They’ve got an affection for samples that impart a sense of history into their music, and for retro sounds and beats that have the kind of heft weightlifters aspire to handle. Ill Legit’s latest project is a collaboration with Awdazcate, a linchpin of that same underground Chicago hip-hop circle. As Bad Fight, Awdazcate handles the production while Ill Legit rocks the mike. Their self-released debut mixtape, April’s Bad Fight, is succinct and playful; Ill Legit gels so completely with Awdazcate’s animated, chunky music it feels as if Illy made it for himself. On “Popdis” Ill Legit rides an instrumental made out of guttural vocal bursts like a surfer on choppy waters, mapping out a smooth passageway with rhymes that add more color to a song that’s already bursting with panache.   v