Ibn Inglor Credit: Sandro Castillo

It takes a certain brazenness to attempt maximalist rap as an underdog, and Chicago rapper-producer Ibn Inglor has it in spades. Last year’s self-released Honegloria is painted from the same palette Kanye’s been using for his recent work: spartan synths play yawning melodies as big as canyons, horn samples sound like they’re calling gladiators to battle, and booming percussion makes as much of an indent when the drums go quiet as when they’re at full tilt. Ibn approaches his music with patience and demands the same from his listeners: the cathartic releases on Honegloria are stretched out across several tracks, allowing the rapping to augment an atmosphere that already has a theatrical flair. Considering tonight is Ibn’s first hometown headlining show, I imagine he’s cooking up something for the stage to match his music’s aura.   v