Sasha Go Hard Credit: Tracy Gardner

Seven years ago, the rap world’s spotlight affixed itself on the first wave of drill with such intensity I wouldn’t have blamed anyone for thinking it’d be permanent. But the attention began to move on sometime between when Keef dropped Finally Rich in December 2012 and when he started serving 60 days for violating his probation in January 2013. The couple dozen rappers who helped make drill’s first wave a phenomenon have since evolved as artists, and many of them have grown out of anything resembling drill’s icy, violent image. Take Sasha Go Hard, who shows off her agility and pop sensibilities on her two 2018 releases, the January full-length No Problems and the October EP Make America Ratchet Again (Nutty World). She internalizes the tropical pulse of “The Porch” so perfectly that her red-hot hook punches up the energy of the song without ruffling its luxuriant mood. Sasha tries out a coterie of stylistic choices on Make America Ratchet Again, including bounce (“The Porch”), ghostly dance (“Shake”), and subterranean, arty R&B (“New Bitch”). It makes for a somewhat jumbled listen, but she approaches each track with an outsize confidence that welds these disparate sounds together.   v