Doso Credit: Courtesy the Artist

Chicagoan Manasseh Champion first picked up the trumpet at age seven. Now 22, he’s teaching young people how to play brass instruments at the West Point School of Music in South Shore. Over the past few years, Champion has focused his extracurricular energy on hip-hop, releasing a slew of stylistically varied singles under the name Doso. Last year’s [Extended] (A Rugged Interest) veers between trap-inflected tracks that highlight Champion’s agility at rattling off aggressive bars and melodic pop tunes that show off his sultry singing. He balances those skills on “Again, Again,” where a polished-up version of the instrumental for Tupac’s “Ambitionz az a Ridah” provides the backdrop for Champion sweetly singing the song’s hook and punching in anxious raps. Over his short career, Champion has shown continual growth as a vocalist: his latest single, May’s “Know That Now,” has a relaxed vibe that might lull you to sleep if it weren’t enlivened by his subtly sensual singing, which makes the song sound like it belongs on the radio.   v