Supa Bwe Credit: Kevin Serna

Beginning in 2014, Chicago rapper-singer Supa Bwe made his name threading together powerful rapping, forcefully melodic singing influenced by third-wave emo, and intensely vulnerable lyrics that address depression with considerable weight. His work inadvertently blazed a trail for every SoundCloud rapper with more face tattoos than original ideas who’s gotten big over the past few years. Supa could easily capitalize on that trend by finessing his early sound into a formula and following that, but he’s more interested in exploring different stylistic ideas. On the April EP Just Say Thank You (Freddie Got Magic/Empire) he packs a lot into less than 20 minutes, getting knee-deep into R&B and delivering passionate vocals that sound pleasantly like they’re melting, and complement his romantic, minimal instrumentals. This spring an ad for Just Say Thank You appeared on a billboard attached to the California Blue Line stop, but Supa really ought to be on billboards all over the country.   v