Vic Spencer Credit: Cos G

It can be daunting to try to keep up with prolific Chicago rapper Vic Spencer, who chews urgently through his lines like his head is so overstuffed with ideas it could burst open. Spencer drops three or four albums every year, but he doesn’t just grind them out mechanically—he sets the highest standards for himself, and each new release is required listening for any savvy Chicago hip-hop head. In August, he released his third—but likely not his last—album of the year, Bah Wounds (Old Fart Luggage), which is packed with the kind of no-prisoners takedowns, self-deprecating jokes, and uber-earnest mash notes to hip-hop that fuel his best material. On “Dr. Sebi,” atop an unstable cluster of samples, he compares his rapping to a fixed-gear bicycle—a sly boast that suggests only the most serious listeners can handle him. But while Spencer cheekily refers to himself as a villain, he’s generous in his work—his songs are so jammed with great lines that anyone can easily find a favorite.   v