Bible of the Devil, from left: Chris Grubbs (guitar), Greg Spalding (drums), Nate Perry (guitar, lead vocals), and Darren Amaya (bass, backing vocals) Credit: Photo by Metal Kaoz

Ever since Chicago riff machines Bible of the Devil first cranked up the jams 20 years ago, Reader critics have had a devil of a time deciding whether their music is metal or hard rock. Gossip Wolf is ready to settle the debate—it just doesn’t matter! Last week the band self-released their seventh full-length, Feel It, and BotD’s snapping dual-guitar attack and strutting rhythms are in fine fettle on blasters such as “(Love at) The Speed of Night” and “The Downtown Boogie.” The band are still planning a record-release show (and other 20th-anniversary events), but for now they’ll celebrate Feel It with a DJ set at Exit on Sunday, March 24, where they’ll raffle off BotD swag and tickets for concerts by Yob, Judas Priest, and Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. Bring a cake!

A couple weeks ago, Gossip Wolf caught a fiery live set by confessional local rapper Boys vs. Girls—and you should do the same ASAP. On Saturday, March 23, Boys vs. Girls hosts a celebration of LGBTQ+ musicians called “The Pride Takeover” at Gallery Cabaret. A dozen acts will perform, give or take a couple, and this wolf is eager to see singer-songwriter Natalie Grace Alford and rappers Fury and MC Foucault.

Brunch isn’t just for yuppies anymore—fans of ambient, drone, and experimental music like late-morning eggs and Bloody Marys too! Chicagoans in the latter category will be glad to know that musician Michael Hilger (of Thin Hymns) and chef Mickey Neely (from Bungalow and the Moonlighter) throw a monthly brunch concert series at Sleeping Village called Deep Breakfast. On Sunday, March 24, Von Drum (aka Danny Van Duerm) and Cooper Crain (Bitchin Bajas, Cave) perform at Deep Breakfast, with food by Neely and baker Jess Galli, who works with him at Bungalow (the new brewpub from Middle Brow Beer). The meal and one drink cost $20, and the music is free; the fun starts at 11 AM.  v

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