Gia Margaret Credit: Rachel Winslow

The songs on Gia Margaret’s new debut album, There’s Always Glimmer (Orindal), glow with the warmth of a flashlight hidden in a blanket fort. She understands how to use music to portray the complexities of intimacy, and her wispy vocals, delicate guitar strumming, gentle piano melodies, and pitter-pattering electronic percussion suggest she’s the kind of bedroom artist who’s at her creative best within the cozy confines of her home. Indeed, at the beginning of her career six years ago, it seemed like her material might well remain locked in her bedroom—Soundcloud was the only public repository for her lo-fi self-recorded demos. Then last year Margaret launched a Kickstarter to help fund the production and release of There’s Always Glimmer. And while I don’t blame anyone who donated enough for an extra treat ($150 for a personalized lullabye ain’t a bad deal), these songs are a real reward on their own. Margaret’s aching vocals come through sharp and clear on the polished version of “Smoke,” which she’s given new life to without sacrificing the deep melancholy of her singing on the reverb-laden demo; producer and engineer Doug Saltzman’s soft touch and tender percussive flourishes enhance the track further. He’s one of nine contributors, along with guitarist and vocalist Brendan Losch, vocalist Quinn Tsan, and cellist Molly Rife, who helped Margaret realize her vision—as always, intimacy is best shared with the ones who understand you.   v