Ovef Ow Credit: Tim Breen

Chicago foursome Ovef Ow evolved out of Me Jane, a postpunk band that specialized in the kind of chilly, danceable melodies that emanated from Manchester in the 1980s. For the name of their new project, bassist-vocalist Marites Velasquez and drummer-vocalist Sarah Braunstein took an angular logo Timothy Breen had designed for their old band and turned it upside down—the results looked like a couple nonsensical words, “Ovef Ow.” Rounded out by Kyla Denham on synths and Nick Barnett on guitar, Ovef Ow transplant the cold aura of Me Jane to the beach; on their latest EP, Crash the Party (Midwest Action), they build surf-rock vibes out of bright, shout-’em-out vocal harmonies, choppy Farfisa lines, and riptide guitars. Ovef Ow engage in big-P politics in their lyrics, and on Crash the Party they excel most when they show how the personal is political; on the reproductive-rights rager “Host,” Velasquez sings “I’m not a host / An incubator / Reduced to a container” with indignation that underscores the frustration of continually having to fight for your own agency.   v