Top to bottom: The Bug, C.H.E.W., and Dianetics Credit: Courtesy the artist; Jen Cray; Roz Adams

Sometimes the lineup of one show seems to sum up the awesomeness of Chicago’s DIY punk scene, and just such a show arrives Saturday, June 17. Gossip Wolf is already in the tank for the tangled, bracing hardcore of the Bug, whose new Humbug seven-inch just dropped via the dependable Not Normal Tapes (run by the band’s singer, Ralph Rivera). Depending on whom you ask, C.H.E.W. stands for “Cold Hands Elicit Worry” or “Cocaine Heroin Ecstasy Weed,” but either way, the D-beat barrages on group’s recent split with Philly punks Penetrode (on California label Neck Chop) put this wolf in a floor-punching mood! And blistering psych-punk quartet Dianetics (with members of Negative Scanner and Daylight Robbery) have a new demo called And Psycho Horse that sounds like they’re fighting for space in a trash can. For venue info, e-mail

Freelance writer and Reader contributor Erin Osmon has been working on Jason Molina: Riding With the Ghost for years, and last month her book about the beloved singer-songwriter finally came out. Osmon’s meticulous research—she dug into Molina’s letters and e-mails and interviewed dozens of people close to him—informs her portrait of the magnetic, mysterious musician. At Quimby’s on Saturday, June 17, she’ll give her first reading from the book, and members of Molina’s band Songs: Ohia will join her for a Q&A.

Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has a retrospective called “The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and if you follow the MCA on Instagram you already know that Bono and the Edge from U2 have dropped by. According to one of Gossip Wolf’s spies, Christian Slater (currently playing a figment of Rami Malek’s imagination on Mr. Robot) visited last weekend, rocking sunglasses indoors. The $15 million statue of the naked anime dude isn’t actually ejaculating, Mr. Slater! No safety goggles needed!  v

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