The musical duo Heet Deth stand with their backs to each other, each musician is holding a round light, background is red
Heet Deth Credit: Myrna Kellys

The members of Heet Deth, drummer-singer Julia Bard and guitarist-singer Laila Eskin, seem to have taken the right lessons from the early-2000s heyday of the White Stripes and Death From Above 1979—namely, that two people can whip up enough noise to make a bigger band overkill. On their debut full-length, September’s Heet Deth Hooray! (Don’t Panic), the Chicago gutter-rock duo play with such unrestrained fervor that you can imagine the devil perking up to listen—on the monstrous “Big Bang Boom,” Eskin contorts melodic low-end riffs into feverish, discordant blasts as hair-raising as the band’s lacerating paired hollers. Bard anchors Heet Deth’s devilish swing with rockabilly-style locomotion, particularly on “Motorcycle Race,” where a springy, chattering snare drum pushes the sassy stop-time stabs of Eskin’s flame-job guitar over the finish line. Bard and Eskin are astute vocalists, and rarely try to shout above their own din—instead they tend to sing only when they’ve dialed back their instruments. Every time they harmonize at top volume, though, they sound like they’re trying to tear their way out of a jail cell with the force of their vocal cords.

Heet Deth, Bussy Kween Power Trip, Rat Chasm Wed 11/10, 8:30 PM, Sleeping Village, 3734 W. Belmont, $5, 21+