O'My's Credit: Ryan Chun

Singer-guitarist Maceo Haymes and singer-keyboardist Nick Hennessey are journeymen musicians whose work behind the scenes backing musicians onstage—they occasionally performed with Chance the Rapper during his ascent, and they continue to collaborate with him—have made their soul group, the O’My’s, a crucial point connecting Chicago’s hip-hop scene with young musicians who dabble in R&B, funk, jazz, and soul. Their new full-length, Tomorrow (Haight), shows how easily those worlds intersect. On “Puddles,” pitter-patter percussion and watery guitars provide a bedrock for hushed, luxurious vocal harmonies and forcefully rounded, rapid raps from the great Saba; throughout the song the band make measured movements to ensure that every transition fits their relaxed mood. The core duo of the O’My’s have a habit of working with masterful players and big personalities, but with Tomorrow they band together with their buddies to make a quiet, reflective album. On “Idea” Chance tempers his tendency to smoke every second he’s on a track, instead offering his voice as a puzzle piece for a much larger, splendid picture. The O’My’s do crank it up on the wistful, golden, classic-soul throwback “Baskets,” where Haymes’s brassy, weathered voice brings grit to a song that moves so smoothly it might as well be slathered in Crisco.   v