Pink Avalanche Credit: Courtesy of Artist

Fronted by Chicago music-scene staple Che Arthur (former member of Atombombpocketknife, sometimes Bob Mould backup singer, and sound guy extraordinaire), Pink Avalanche have been cranking out wiry, moody postpunk since 2013. Formed by Arthur and a longtime partner in crime, drummer Adam Reach, as a way to further their musical and personal connection, the band fleshed out their lineup with second guitarist Kortland Chase and bassist Pete Croke, and set about making two records of angular midwestern punk rock that’s as catchy as it is aggressive. It’s been five years since Pink Avalanche released The Luminous Heart of Nowhere, and their new album, III, comes following a shift in lineup: last year Croke left the city to start a new life in Puerto Rico, and Chase moved to bass. As a trio, Pink Avalanche show that having fewer members doesn’t necessarily push a band into a “less is more” approach. In fact, the tracks on III offer little breathing room; they’re dense, knotty, and layered with acrobatic guitars, terse rhythms, and Arthur’s catchy but downer vocals. The sound is rooted in Chicago’s tradition of heavy moods and equally indebted to the city’s current rock climate. This show is a release party for III.   v