Tombstone Eyes Credit: Courtesy the Artist

This Chicago four-piece landed hard and heavy in 2018, announcing they were here to stay with a two-song demo of heavy effects-laden, bluesy psychedelic rock with a space-truckin’ “brotherhood of the road in a galaxy far, far away” atmosphere. Veterans of Longhairs, Dragon Feeder, the Brokedowns, and Salvation, the guys in Tombstone Eyes have honed a swaggering, confident groove with a generous helping of scuzz. They’ve just completed their strong debut full-length, Land in the Sky (Akashic), recorded with local producers Mike Lust and Carl Saff. The tracks from last year’s demo (the hulking, ominous “Hungry Ghosts” and the 15-minute banger “Solar Barge”) get reprised here, while new monster tracks (“Procession of the Sun,” “Black Knight Satellite”) cover even more ground: slow-banging doom, Blue Öyster Cult-like sci-fi boogie, and melancholy cold-blackened-void trip-outs, all while the rhythm section anchors the spaciness down deep in the earth. This show serves as a release party for Land in the Sky, and a limited number of vinyl copies will be available for advance purchase (it’ll be rolled out on Bandcamp soon after the show and on Spotify and iTunes in early 2020). The show’s killer bill is rounded out by local heavyweights Bloodiest (who headline), Sweet Cobra, and Tight Phantomz.   v