Wavy ID Credit: Matthew Elliott Allen

While watching New Zealand’s Connan Mockasin play sensual, luxurious psych-pop at the Empty Bottle in 2014, Adam LP—who’s now been making seductive indie-pop songs as Wavy ID for a little over a year—had an epiphany: “I started rethinking different ways to make music, different sounds you can make, different kinds of emotions you can convey—you can be sexy, you can be gentle,” LP told me over the phone. “It seemed like in the [Chicago] music scene there was a lack of that. So I figured, ‘Hey, why not try this out?’” Since then, he’s found plenty of locals who appreciate his sultry, spacious sounds—notably the folks behind multimedia collective and label FeelTrip, which released the cassette and digital versions of Wavy ID’s Bummerpop, Vol. 2 in the fall. The LP successfully threads together Mockasin’s colorful flourishes with D’Angelo’s sinuous rhythms, particularly with the wah-pedal groove of “I Like Dessert” and the molasses-paced “Dinner at My Place (I Can’t Wait).”   v