Bobby Talamine has been photographing concerts for almost 40 years. Credit: Courtesy Bobby Talamine

Prolific Chicago music photographer Bobby Talamine, whose work has frequently graced the Reader (you might remember his vibrant shots of Cheap Trick, Gary Numan, or Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment with Chance the Rapper), was assaulted after Radiohead’s set at Lollapalooza—and the bastards made off with his camera too. Talamine’s buddy Brett Widmann has set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to cover the cost of new gear, which quickly met its initial goal. And on Wednesday, September 7, the fine folks at Metro host a celebration of Talamine’s work at GMan Tavern as a thank-you to donors. It features DJ sets from Tom Pazen, Jeff Pazen, Scary Lady Sarah, Jeff Moyer, Greg Haus, and Gil Burns, and Talamine’s photos will be projected onstage (he’ll also sell prints). It’s free and starts at 6 PM.

Gossip Wolf has been awaiting new jams from Chicago label Scrapes (run by creepy-synth maven Alex Barnett) and from local proto-industrial duo Hogg—and as if in answer, they’ve teamed up! On Thursday, September 1, Scrapes releases Hogg’s Solar Phallic Lion, whose self-­titled track features laborious bass grind, ugly guitar scrapes, and what sounds like a vocodered recording of an animal undergoing electroshock therapy. Gossip Wolf approved! Chicago artist Elijah Burgher, who’s appeared in the Whitney Biennial, did the EP’s obsessively weird artwork. Hogg will be selling copies of the 12-inch (Scrapes recently started releasing vinyl) on Sunday, September 4, when they play a label showcase with Champagne Mirrors and Ariisk at the Empty Bottle.

It’s been a few since Gossip Wolf checked in on off-center pop auteurs Oshwa, and just last week the badass band self-released their second album, I We You Me. Oshwa have smoothed out their dazzlingly knotty sound on these tantalizing tracks, and you can order a copy on transparent gold vinyl from their Bandcamp.  v

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