We don't have any stills from the footwork films the Era is screening on Friday, so here's a picture of members Chief Manny, Litebulb, and P-Top. Credit: William Glasspiegel

Footwork collective the Era bring their adrenalized dance moves to the big screen this weekend at the Era Footwork Film Festival 2015. Among the screenings at the one-night event are an RP Boo music video that uses footage from the Bud Billiken Parade, the world premiere of a Vice short film on the Era, and a excerpt from an in-­progress feature-length documentary called Enter the Circle. The films start rolling at 8 PM on Friday, October 9, at Mana Contemporary.

It’s been nearly a year since this wolf checked in with Chicago underground-­rock label Maximum Pelt, which recently released cassettes by the Cell Phones, Dan Rico, and Fredd Velvet and vinyl full-lengths by Ego and Vamos. Up next are a couple more pieces of vinyl: First comes Punk Fills/Sad Bad Mittens, a re­issue of two tapes from Bill Tucker of A.M. Stations, who originally released these lovingly off-kilter indie-rock tunes in 2012 on his 1980 Records label. Second is Freak Flag, a divinely rollicking seven-­inch from self-­described “witch punk” trio Lil Tits—like all their material, it ends too soon. Tucker and Lil Tits play a free joint release show at the Empty Bottle on Monday, October 12, with headliners Ed Schrader’s Music Beat.

Over the past few years, this wolf has walked home with blurred hearing from many a gig at Chicago DIY spot Young Camelot—the bands it hosts are almost always totally recommendable! A few weeks back, the venue posted a metric shit-ton of complete live sets to Bandcamp for free download, including Gossip Wolf faves Oshwa, Vaya, and Secret Colours. Download a few dozen, put your iPod on shuffle, and pretend you go to more local shows than you actually do!  v

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