Amy Winehouse at Lollapalooza in 2007 Credit: AP Photo/Brian Kersey

The Organizers of local R&B dance party Bump & Grindcore want each and every one of their monthly ragers to be “a safe space for people of all shapes, colors, orientations, and gender expressions to get nasty all up on each other.” Gossip Wolf has attended their R. Kelly tribute and one or two totally mental Pitchfork afterparties, and they definitely aren’t just blowing smoke. Do you know how hard it is to get purple lipstick out of fur? Anyway, on Friday, February 26, Beauty Bar hosts the next installment, “What Kind of Fuckery Is This? A Tribute to Amy Winehouse,” featuring DJs All the Way Kay, CT (of the duo Redux), and White Owl plus a photo booth from Glitterguts.

Way back in April 2015, Gossip Wolf heard that Chicago punks Daylight Robbery were tracking their new LP, Accumulated Error, with engineer Mike Lust, and last week they finally posted a stream to Bandcamp (a full-length vinyl release via Canadian label Deranged should arrive on Friday, February 26). It’s almost a pleasure to wait so long for a rager this solid! Listeners searching for propulsive, Wipers-style riffing, dueling male/female vocals a la X, and spiky chunks of postpunk guitar won’t find many errors in these jams!

Late last week Gossip Wolf got word of a last-minute booking at the Wicker Park Emporium Arcade Bar on Thursday, February 25—a show headlined by Florida fourth-wave emo heroes You Blew It! The exclamation point is part of the band’s name, but it’s also appropriate to this wolf’s excitement about the show. Into It. Over It. main man Evan Weiss recently posted a couple Insta­gram photos of YBI! in the studio, and their Facebook page says they began tracking their third album this month. Gossip Wolf recommends arriving at Emporium early to catch the openers: local bands Lifted Bells (who’ve got some new tunes in the works) and Merit Badge. The show is free, and it starts at 8 PM. Don’t, um, blow it.  v

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