Credit: Keith Herzik

A new party called Unbound gets off the ground this Friday at Reversible Eye, and the principle behind its bookings will have a familiar ring to anyone who spent many a delightful night at the Fireside Bowl in its grody heyday: bringing bands from different sounds and scenes onto one bill. The flyer lists those scenes as “Classic Goth, Deathrock, Post-Punk, Grave-Wave, Minimal-Wave,” which is not a terrifically wide range, but hey, old goths and nu goths should mingle! And that’s just what Unbound co-organizer Leo Cadaverine has in mind. “Our goal is to unite and revitalize the Chicago goth/death-rock scenes by juxtaposing current live bands with classic music spun by DJs to keep the dance floor going,” he says. Cadaverine adds that Unbound will probably happen monthly; Friday’s installment starts at 10 PM, and there’s a $10 suggested donation. Cadaverine will DJ with fellow organizers Dirt Nap! and L-Bop. Coheadliners Population, who are one black trenchcoat away from being a Joy Division tribute band, are sure to please the grave wavers in attendance!

Last week Canadian jammers Broken Social Scene were in town at John McEntire’s Soma Studios to wrap up some odds and sods left over from 2009’s Forgiveness Rock Record sessions. Their rep says there are no solid plans to release the tunes, but it seems odd to this Wolf to drop a few grand to finish songs you’re not going to release . . . maybe that’s a Canadian thing. Behatted BSS front dude Kevin Drew attended McEntire’s solo performance at the MCA on his last night in town, where he told Gossip Wolf that coming back to Soma was like “returning to an old lover.” You can’t make that shit up, folks.

In their 25 years as a band, Chicago grindcore/death-metal trio Macabre have become well-known for recording short, growly odes to serial killers like John Wayne Gacy and David Berkowitz. The blastbeat specialists even created an entire album about the life of Milwaukee cannibal, necrophiliac, and generally unpleasant dude Jeffrey Dahmer, simply titled Dahmer. On February 8 Macabre will release a new album, Grim Scary Tales, on their own Decomposed Records; it’s their first full-length in eight years. The group’s musical muses this time around include murderous misanthropes Lizzie Borden, Vlad Tepes, and Locusta—a Roman serial killer from the first century AD.

This Saturday, Grape Juice Records presents the Third Annual Windy City Winter Ball at the Double Door. Lady-centric garage groups the Detroit Cobras and Hollows top the bill, and Grape Juice artists and nonladies Rambos play first. Rambos also make an appearance on the label’s 2011 sampler, which you can download at Online invites for the ball suggest no particular type of attire, so this Wolf will be going in everyday winter clothes: a jockstrap and pizza shoes.

Terrapin is the accordion-laden solo project of William Neylon, who kicks up a hearty Andrew Bird-esque chamber-pop ruckus. The 23-year-old tells Gossip Wolf he’s been writing his own songs since age seven, when he composed an ode to Kurt Cobain. That makes this gravy waver feel old as fuck. Anyway, Neylon recently recorded Terrapin’s debut album, Paint Sky on Everything, with Mickey Craft at Mystery Street Recording Company. You can download it free at, and if you pony up some cash Neylon might be able to release the album on vinyl in a few months. People, help the grunge babies out! If you want to support Neylon in person, he’ll be playing a record-release show at Pancho’s with Parentheses and Motive on February 10.

Chicago’s Bill and Lisa Roe are locally famous for seriously rocking peeps with their excellent garage band, CoCoComa. Besides making their own fuzz-flavored tunes, the husband-and-wife team have been putting out music by like-minded groups via their label, Trouble In Mind Records, since July 2009. So far they’ve released more than 20 records by the likes of LA garage rockers Wounded Lion and Texas punks the Hex Dispensers. In the beginning they were all seven-inches, but in October the Roes put out the label’s first LP—and they must have liked how it felt. They tell Gossip Wolf that four new releases will drop on March 22, including two more LPs—self-titled albums by California power-pop outfit the Wrong Words and Nashville neo-psych trio the Paperhead.