Deslondes Credit: courtesy the artist

On their terrific second album, Hurry Home (New West), New Orleans quintet Deslondes settle into a sweet spot at the nexus of various threads of southern sounds, building on the low-key charms of their eponymous 2015 debut. That means honky-tonk, R&B, rockabilly, swamp pop, and other rootsy variations commingle in a deliciously humid atmosphere crafted with producer Andrija Tokic, suggesting the Band if they had decamped to a Crescent City shotgun house rather than Big Pink. Since dropping the debut, singer-guitarist Sam Doores and singer-bassist Dan Cutler have quit their jobs in the touring lineup of Hurray for the Riff Raff to focus on Deslondes exclusively, and the writing—which all five members contribute to—is sharper than ever, as evidenced by the ramshackle amble of the rheumy opener, “Muddy Waters,” or the dusky garage-pop of “(This Ain’t a) Sad Song.” At their best the group deliver tunes with subtle tweaks, like the lyrical one on “She Better Be Lonely,” when the narrator considers the love he left behind to tour—he follows the wish “I hope she’s happy” with the barb “But she better be lonely”—or the musical one on “Every Well,” where a skating-rink organ hijacks the Tex-Mex stomper. Deslondes embody the ethos of this local festival as well as any single band can.   v