M Gun Credit: Jimmy ohio

A 2013 Resident Advisor profile of Detroit producer Manuel Gonzales latched on to a particular phrase he’d used to describe his music: “It’s kind of punk.” Gonzales, who records and performs as M Gun, likes his techno and electro with serrated edges, convulsive synths, and corrosive percussion. But as harsh as his music can be, Gonzales never lets his affection for aggressive tones disrupt his ability to lure people into a trance—and get them moving. That balancing act is on display on Gonzeles’s debut full-length, last year’s Gentium (Don’t Be Afraid), where he sometimes tamps down his punk proclivities in favor of a more equanimous sound. The most aggressive elements on “Half Past 3,” for instance, are squiggles of distorted synths and stomping percussion, which mostly serve to boost the plaintive house melody that serves as the song’s guiding spirit.   v