Artist Roland Santana and Divino Niño singer-guitarist Camilo Medina in Santana's painting studio, in front of a large-scale work in progress that combines pink fields, large red ovoids, a black-bounded green shape, and purple-and-blue scribbles
Artist Roland Santana and Divino Niño singer-guitarist Camilo Medina Credit: Aliya Haq

This week local indie rockers Divino Niño and Chicago visual artist Roland Santana host Suelta, a three-day celebration of music and art at House of Vans. Divino Niño singer-guitarist Camilo Medina met Santana last year at one of his gallery shows. “I immediately fell in love with his art, and we pretty much became friends,” Medina says. Santana has also introduced Medina to Chicago’s queer arts and nightlife scenes. The two of them conceived of Suelta this summer, and since Medina got back from tour a few weeks ago he’s spent every waking moment painting at Santana’s studio. This project has given Medina a new perspective on visual art. “It has slowed me down,” he says. “I’ve fallen more in love with the physical aspect of visual arts—like, how the material reacts.” On Thursday, Santana and Medina lead a painting workshop. On Friday, Divino Niño headline a show with Conjunto Primitivo and Cabeza de Chivo. Suelta ends on Saturday with DJs and an art show. All events are free with RSVP, but registration is full for Thursday.

YouTube video
Camilo Medina and Roland Santana appear in this promo video for Suelta.

Chicago hyperpop artist Folie caught this wolf’s ear last year with 123!, a wild full-length mixtape. She’s been working with darkwave-leaning local artist Forget Basement, and this week they debuted as WhoTF with the whimsically intense single “Wendy Carlos.” It features vocals from underground star Fraxiom, who spits over cartoon-carnival percussion and blown-out synths. The duo released “Wendy Carlos” through Umru’s Song Music LLC label, and they’re finishing an EP.

YouTube video
The video for “Wendy Carlos” looks like it was shot with an Amazon Ring camera in another dimension.

This town has more breezy indie rockers than you can shake a stick at, but Late Nite Laundry’s laid-back resplendence stands out. On Friday, they dropped a self-titled EP that applies their gentle touch to sweet soul and playful tropicalia. Late Nite Laundry pull off that tricky balance with style; the soft singing of guitarist Ari Lindo on the plush “Floating” enhances the song’s lovey-dovey buoyancy. On Saturday, November 12, the band headline a show at Sleeping Village.

Cover photo of Late Nite Laundry by Charlie Young

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