DJ Seinfeld Credit: Courtesy Earth Agency

A few years ago Swedish producer Armand Jakobsson coped with a painful breakup by binge-watching Seinfeld and crafting beautiful, glacially paced house tracks. He’d previously recorded music under various aliases (he preferred the name Rimbaudian), but in 2016, when he released the heartfelt cuts he’d created during that emotional healing process, he chose a new moniker: DJ Seinfeld. The sooty veneer and nostalgic, sentimental mood of the music, combined with the fact that Jakobsson debuted it at a time when an handful of artists with similar sonic proclivities were introducing their own projects under goofy names (Ross From Friends, anyone?), got DJ Seinfeld roped into a loose scene called lo-fi house. But Jakobsson quickly rose to the top of that hodgepodge collection of producers. In 2017 he released the triple LP Time Spent Away From U (Lobster Theremin/Meda Fury), which aches with romanticism; its sumptuous vocal samples, go-for-the-gut melodies, and fussy lo-fi affectations blur into a dizzying display. His affection for ghostly aesthetics and sprawl can sometimes make his work as DJ Seinfeld feel like a marathon, so if you’re curious about how that can play out in a club set, listen to his 2018 contribution to the long-running DJ-Kicks series to see if you have the stamina.   v