Electric Wizard Credit: Ester Segarra

Update: The Electric Wizard show is no longer at the Riviera. It has been moved to the Vic.

You can’t accuse British doom pioneers Electric Wizard of forgetting their roots—after 25 years and eight full-lengths, their Black Sabbath worship shows no signs of abating. They even titled their latest record Wizard Bloody Wizard (Spinefarm/Witchfinder), for hell’s sake. They also haven’t wavered one bit from the aesthetic laid down by singer and guitarist Jus Osborne, the band’s sole remaining original member, in their earliest days: heavy riffs, morbidity, horror films, and drug jokes. But Black Sabbath changed it up and branched out much more than they’re generally given credit for, and so too have Electric Wizard. Second guitarist Liz Buckingham, who joined the band in 2003, has contributed to a relatively lithe and up-tempo sound (at least compared to the crushingly slow doom of their first decade), and if Wizard Bloody Wizard received mixed reviews for having a lighter touch than its predecessors, well, Sabbath’s 1978 album Never Say Die! got the same treatment, and it’s likewise better than people said it was at first. “Necromania” has a sly sexy edge, and 11-minute closer “Mourning of the Magicians” goes out on a grandiose epic roar. For this tour, Electric Wizard are joined by bassist Haz Wheaton, who played with Hawkwind from 2015 till 2018.   v