Double Ferrari Credit: courtesy the artist

Instrumental guitar rock does not need to brood. It does not need to swoosh, swirl, ache, or throb. It’s not always Explosions in the Sky. Much like San Francisco’s the Fucking Champs—who helped popularize an instrumental style of blazing riff-rock within underground circles—Georgia four-piece Double Ferrari lean way (way) more metallic than mopey, with a triumphant style beholden to Iron Maiden. On their 2017 self-titled debut for the Ernest Jenning label, rhythms gallop like steeds cutting through the low-hanging fog of a Tolkien-esque battlefield while slicing guitar licks combine forces rather than duel, igniting each track in the same way the Power Sword transforms Prince Adam into He-Man. And make no bones about it, Double Ferrari often sound as decadent as their over-the-top, mutant name suggests. This is rock you’ll bang your head to so much so that you’ll get dizzy.   v