Doug Tuttle Credit: courtesy the artist

New England psych-pop merchant Doug Tuttle has reached another peak with his gorgeous third solo album, Peace Potato (Trouble in Mind), a collection of summery guitar-borne hooks he crafted by himself in his home studio. And though he plays everything—drums, guitar, woozy Mellotron, and even some horns—it’s the record’s infectious vocal melodies that command the greatest attention. Chiming guitars at times recall the Byrds—like during the sweetly stinging patterns of “Can It Be”—while the solo he drops into “It’s Alright With Me, Ma” is a gem reminiscent of the euphoric beauty of George Harrison. There’s no question Tuttle mines inspiration from the past—his sprawling arrangements occasionally remind me of Morgan Delt’s hermetic, multicolored sound world—but he sounds more concerned with crafting glistening nuggets of pop than with singling out influences. In fact, nearly half of the 15 songs conclude with the sound of a tape machine abruptly being shut off, as if Tuttle is eager to move on to the next lovely tune (some clock in at under two minutes). His growth since playing in the more Krautrock-driven Mmoss is stunning, and I’ve been enjoying his progress more with every record. Tuttle leads a trio with bassist Jesse Gallagher and drummer Noah Bond.   v