Dreamdecay Credit: Courtesy the Artist

Seattle postpunks Dreamdecay showed they know how to make brawny noise on their 2013 debut full-length, Nvnvnv. On the follow-up, 2017’s (Iron Lung), they treat that noise like Silly Putty, unloading dilated feedback and clustered, chaotic unison bursts in quick succession, and often mitigating heavy walls of sound with near silences in the same song. Dreamdecay also explore their melodic side on , using bruising, distorting riffs to hypnotize listeners, not just whip them into a mosh pit. Slow burner “Ian” rests on an unhurried, barely accompanied guitar melody shaded with psych rock and Krautrock; it sounds almost like a raga—at least till the rest of the band crashes in and launches the song into the sun.   v