Dehd Credit: Ash Windbigler

One of the best local releases of 2016 was the debut self-titled tape from Dehd on the prolific Maximum Pelt Records. The trio of guitarist-vocalist Jason Balla (of Ne-Hi and Earring), bassist-vocalist Emily Kempf (of Heavy Dreams and Veil), and stand-up, cymbal-less drummer Eric McGrady explored dreamy, hazy postpunk with beautiful vocal interplay; simple, plunky guitar; and a dark, behind-the-beat throb. Earlier this year Dehd released a follow-up tape, Fire of Love, on Infinity Cat Recordings, which opened up their sonic palette with noisy guitar, upbeat tempos, complex arrangements, and a bit of sunny bounce. The tapes play back-to-back like they’re two sides of an excellent coin, and now they’ll be two sides to the same record: Maximum Pelt has teamed up with Wicker Park record store and label Shuga to press them on one convenient vinyl package, with Dehd on side A and Fire of Love on side B. This show is the LP’s release party.   v