Eartheater Credit: Samantha West

New York-based Alexandra Drewchin, also known as Eartheater, creates mellow music that terrifies and/or terrifying music that you can sink back and relax to. On her most recent album, last year’s IRISIRI (Pan), she mixes elements of acoustic folk and electronica; the music pulses and flows like a heavy mist that dissipates only to show glimpses of waving heather and witches’ claws. But Drewchin never settles on one mood or mode, even within a single song. The one through line of the album is its alienating multiplicity. “Trespasses” is spooky electronic plainchant, with chorusing monklike vocals that are continually replaced by robotic simulacra; “C.L.I.T.” has Drewchin wailing as the music saws and sways like a fire alarm rising out of a faery. “Inhale Baby,” featuring the duo Odwalla1221, is perhaps the album’s most explicit statement of purpose. “Inhale baby pink / Exhale red,” Chloe Maratta says in an almost intolerable sneering whine, and Flannery Silva sounds almost as pissed off when she responds, “There’s so much stuff coming out of my skirt.” For Drewchin, creativity is a bloody, abundant, feminine process, which is simultaneously assaultive and maternal—she’s determined to be herself however many sides she has.   v