The cover of Sicko Mobb's new mixtape. Dragon Balls sold separately.

More than a year has passed since west-side hip-hop group Sicko Mobb dropped their debut mixtape, the Dragon Ball Z-themed Super Saiyan Vol. 1, which compiled some of the duo’s most frenetic bop favorites. This wolf has been jonesing for another full-length of Sicko Mobb’s effervescent, slightly off-kilter party rap, and we’re all in luck: a follow-up titled Super Saiyan Vol. 2 comes out Wed 4/1. Gossip Wolf doesn’t have the track list yet, but with any luck the whole mixtape will be as good as the recently released “Kool-Aid,” whose buoyant rhythms feel sweet and relaxed rather than frenetic. No matter what the rest of Super Saiyan Vol. 2 sounds like, Gossip Wolf is looking forward to throwing on some stylin’ swimwear, pretending it’s summer, and cranking the music up.

Last May, Gossip Wolf revealed a few details about the debut album from dreamy local shoegaze band Savage Sister, forthcoming on BLVD Records—but it’s still forthcoming! Guitarist Michael Tenzer says he’s kept busy in the meantime with a new solo project called Eyes Behind the Veil that “bathes in pitch-bent, washed-out guitar loops.” Last week, Tenzer dropped a preview track on Bandcamp—fans of Grouper, Frippertronics, and My Bloody Valentine should dig his ambient style!

Local talent buyer Tylor O’Connor has booked a Twin Peaks-themed show at Logan Square nightclub East Room on Wed 4/8, with a stage custom-built to look like the famous “red room” in the Black Lodge from David Lynch’s beloved 90s TV show. O’Connor has wrangled a slew of fresh local bands to play on it, including Twin Hits, Spike & the Sweet Spots, and Mike Donner—and he insists that “Twin Hits” is by no means an alias for hot local garage band Twin Peaks. Not to cramp anybody’s style, but this wolf has a sneaking suspicion that the owls aren’t the only thing around here that are not what they seem.  v

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