Elijah LeFlore
Credit: courtesy of artist

Chicago R&B artist Elijah LeFlore sings with the understated cool of someone who’s found peace and mostly just wants to share that whole-body tranquility with you. In January 2022, he self-released his debut full-length, Sunset Radio, where his lilting voice floats among gentle guitars, nimble electronic percussion, and soothing keyboards; he followed that up in October with the EP Midnight Summer, whose retrofuturistic synths and hard-edged beats complement LeFlore’s coolheaded persona and subtle vocals. He isn’t a showy singer, and he seems to know that he doesn’t need to push his voice to its limits to make an impression. On the Sunset Radio track “She,” LeFlore half-sings, half-raps atop a watery wah-wah guitar riff and swinging drum loop, and throughout the song he gradually sinks deeper into its relaxed pull, as though he’s stretching out in a hammock. I aspire to feel so at ease this summer.

Elijah LeFlore Kye Colors headlines. Kayo, Bbypnda, and Elijah LeFlore open. Wed 6/14, 8 PM, Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, free, 21+